Scalp Massage For Hair Growth

A simple technique of using scalp massage for hair growth can significantly improve the overall condition of your hair.

scalp massageScalp massage is not only a very pleasant and enjoyable procedure but it is also extremely beneficial for hair growth and for making the hair stronger. The main objective of a scalp massage is to stimulate the blood flow to the scalp and making it healthier in the process.

There are many techniques that can be employed to perform a scalp massage. One of them is combing the hair with a massaging hair brush. For best results, brush the hair in different directions, both with the growth and against the growth. Typically about a hundred brushes in a single session is quite sufficient.

Another technique for massaging the scalp is pulling the hair. Do not be afraid to pull out the hair as a result of it, the main thing to remember is not to pull too hard. The pulling process stimulates the blood flow to the hair roots which is one of the main components for making the hair grow faster. Performing this massaging technique is very simple. Grab a small section of the hair and gently pull – it should not cause you any discomfort.

The main type of the massage, however, is the scalp massage with the fingertips. The movements must be circular or spiral, advancing with the direction of hair growth.

Useful tip: perform the massage before you wash your hair. If you start massaging the clean hair, it will become greasy very quickly. It is explained by the fact that during a massage the sebaceous glands become very active and start excreting the oils.

Scalp massage technique procedure

  • Comb the hair.
  • Begin massaging the scalp. You can start either from the back of the head or from the forehead. Try to avoid touching the scalp with the nails to eliminate the possibility of accidental injuries and only perform the massage with the fingertips.
  • Make sure to cover all parts of the head, like temples and the top. Typically, perform the massage for about ten minutes. The massage can also be combined with other useful procedures like the salt scrub, or you can even massage using the oils that have a positive effect on the hair heath.
  • After the massage, carefully comb the hair to avoid tangling.

Scalp massage not only has the beneficial effect the condition of the hair but also, but it also relives stress and improves the mood. Try it and you will be pleasantly surprised by the simplicity and the results!