Correct Approaches To Best Hair Treatment

Identifying the correct reasons of the poor hair condition will help shape the proper approaches to best hair treatment.

hair treatmentNowadays, when healthy and well-groomed appearance is particularly valued, the condition of your hair is a particularly important issue.

Why does the hair lose its healthy appearance?

The condition of the hair depends on our surroundings. Ecological influences on the environment, constant exposure to the sun, salt water and wind, as well as the damage caused by coloring, drying and styling – all this can affect the growth and structure of the hair. A lot depends on the state of the internal organs – the diseases of the gastrointestinal tract as well as endocrine and nervous systems, often cause certain changes to the condition of the hair. Hereditary influences are also important: if your mother and grandmother had dry and brittle hair, then most likely you will as well. There many hair disorders and numerous reasons that cause then, that is why hair treatment is a complex process that requires careful diagnosis followed by utilizing all the necessary cure methods.

Hair strengthening

At the first sign of trouble, when the hair changes its look and begins to fall out, the treatment is needed to strengthen it. This treatment can be performed both at a clinic and at home. It is better of course to start with the clinic, where a qualified trichologist can help you correctly identify the problem. Then, based on the diagnosis, the person is prescribes a course of treatment that reduces the hair loss, accelerates the growth and strengthen the hair structure.

If you currently not in the position to see a specialist, and the changes in the hair started relatively recently, you can try using natural remedies to strengthen the hair. Some of the methods include:

  • Adjusting daily routines and sleep patterns (at least 8 hours of sleep); avoid stress;
  • Eliminating spicy, fatty and sugary foods from the diet(perhaps the hair reacted to some internal disease), giving up smoking and alcohol;
  • Using natural hair masks

If there is still no improvement then you have to see a specialist.

Who is a trichologist?

Trichologist is a medical professional who specializes in hair treatment. Trichologists undergo special training and gain the knowledge on treating alopecia, structural hair changes, scalp problems and so on. Trichologists have the knowledge of how to treat these diseases and which medications to use. Additionally they will advise you on the proper hair and scalp care, diet and dietary supplements, as well as create a personalized care plan.

The means and methods of hair treatment

Currently, there are complex hair treatment methods which are very effective. Complex treatment includes general and topical treatment.

Topical treatment is the direct treatment of the hair; it included the methods of hair follicle cleansing and nutrition, rebuilding the hair structure, protection from the adverse ecological influences and growth stimulation. The impact of the method covers the entire hair structure: the medicine is applied on the skin surface (some medications treat the skin surface and some are able to penetrate the skin, affecting its external layers) or directly under the skin- mesotherapy – microinjections of different medications into the scalp. Mesotherapy in conjunction with reflexology (stimulation of active pressure points of the body) enhances the effectiveness of both techniques.

Head massage, physiotherapy and spa procedures are also some of the methods of hair treatment. Ozone therapy has also been used increasingly for the treatment of hair diseases in recent years. Ozone has antibacterial, antiviral, anti-inflammatory and immune stimulating effect; it also enhances blood circulation.

But in most cases the topical treatment does not bring the desired results because the problem usually lies deeper in the form of various diseases of internal organs and systems. That is why a comprehensive examination is needed whenever you deal with hair problems, and if it is indeed the case of the internal disorder, then the appropriate course of treatment is required.