Brittle Hair Treatment And Care

brittle hair treatmentBrittle hair usually indicates poor hair care, bad habits and external influences. The hair can become brittle after a long exposure to the sun – intense ultraviolet radiation is really harmful to the hair.

There are a few major causes for brittle hair. One of the most common is poor metabolism which causes insufficient flow of nutrients to the hair bulbs. As a result, the bulbs go into dormancy and the hair becomes thin and brittle, as it lacks all the necessary nutrients that support proper growth.

The causes for the metabolic disorders in the body can be chronic diseases or infections that carry a toxic effect on the body systems. The inflammatory process can stem from anywhere in the body, but most commonly, the changes of the hair appearance results from the diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. That is why, if you develop any hair issues, the full health check-up is extremely important – if the main cause is not determined and treated, then even you treat the hair directly, it will still go back to being dull and brittle after a short while. The state of the nervous system is also very important – emotional stress and anxiety can also be the causes of the changes in hair appearance.

Among other common causes for brittle hair is poor hair care, such as dyeing, over drying, improper styling techniques, etc. The external elements that contribute to the hair brittleness are sun, wind, industrial pollution and tobacco smoke.

Healing the body

A variety of reasons that can cause brittle hair indicates that the recovery process requires an integrated approach. A course of treatment simply will not bring the desired effects on its own – you need to completely change your lifestyle.

To improve the metabolism the body needs a balanced diet. Overeating is very harmful; however, getting a required daily amount of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals is a must. At the same time, you should cut out fried foods, fatty meats, pastries, sugary carbonated beverages, smoked and canned products.

Half of your daily intake should consist of complex carbohydrates, fruits and vegetable – the sources of energy that speed up the metabolism. The cells also require a sufficient amount of animal and vegetable protein – it metabolizes into amino acids which are the building blocks of the protein in the human body. Both animal and vegetable fats are also important. Essential polyunsaturated fatty acids can be found in saltwater fish. The daily vitamins and minerals can be included in the diet vie fruits, vegetables and lean meats.

The metabolism usually slows down in the colder time of the year, so it is advisable to supplement with vitamin-mineral complexes during late winter – early spring.

Moderate physical exercise and sports are a wonderful stimulant for metabolism and reflect positively on the appearance of the hair.

Treating the hair

Brittle hair is typically accompanied by dry scalp. In this case, the sebaceous glands secrete insufficient amounts of sebum which protects the hair from external influences by sealing small scales that appear on the hair.

Dry scalp requires extra nutrients and proper care. The best advice on how to nourish the scalp as well as which shampoos and conditioners to select can be received by consulting with a trichologist ( a specialists that deals with hair problems).

One should always remember that the dry scalp and hair are very susceptible to various external influences – so overly aggressive topical treatment can actually have the opposite effect.

The main methods for direct hair treatment are hair masks. You can buy the ready–made masks at the drugstore or you can use homemade masks from the ingredients typically found in the kitchen, which have been traditionally used in natural medicine to strengthen brittle hair.

One of the off-the-shelf products that can significantly reduce the brittleness and fragility of the hair is L’Oreal Absolut Repair Masque – it contains the wax that covers the hair with the thin layer, protecting it from external damages.

Some of the natural remedies for brittle hair include burdock oil, honey and egg yolk.

Healthy lifestyle combined with the proper care is the real recipe for beautiful hair.