Useful Tips On How To Prevent Split Ends

how to prevent split endsEveryone is familiar with the problem caused by split ends – this is when the tip of the hair plumps up, curls and becomes lighter. In some cases the whole strand becomes dull and loses its luster. Typically split ends develop as a result of improper hair treatment. Perming, coloring and other overly aggressive methods can lead to hair dryness, and the dryness in turn leads to split ends.

In healthy hair the scales are closely joined with each other. This protects the hair shaft and ensures shiny appearance. This is how the problem develops: the scales of the cuticle (the outer layer of the hair) start to rise and become bristle. As a result, the strand splits at the end which can be extended to its full length. If you neglect it, the hair becomes weaker, as all sorts of harmful substances will be able to penetrate to the center of the hair causing it to become weak and brittle and eventually to die or break.

The cause of split ends

The main reason for split ends, as mentioned above, is excessively dry hair. Dryness can be caused by using different chemical products such as curling or straightening fluids, hair color products and clarifiers. Another reason is the use of various electrical appliances. Hair dryers, straightening and curling irons damage the hair in one way or another. High temperatures damage the outer shell of the hair and it becomes dry and weak. Dryness can also be caused by overexposure to the sun or hard water (as well as salt water).

It should also be mentioned that external factors are not the only reason that is causing split ends. Lack of vitamins and metabolic disorders can also cause the hair to become dry. Another natural reason is the age of the hair. If you have long and thin hair, you have probably come across the following problem: the hair closer to the scalp is oily whereas the hair ends are dry. The sebum is not able to reach the hair ends and the scales split.

Home remedies for split ends

To restore the healthy condition and appearance of the hair, you have to try to avoid the external culprits mentioned above: high temperature, chemicals and hard water. Next, you need to select the means for restoring the hair. Nowadays there are lots of commercially available products which are rich in vitamins and cause the protective effect: they create a protective cover and tighten the scales. The same effect can be produced by henna; you can use colorless variety or classic red, depending on the color of your hair.

Another remedy that can be used instead of the commercially available products or in a combination with them, are homemade hair masks. The masks are recommended to be used once a week; also, avoid using the same recipe more than three times. Another key element is a healthy and balanced diet rich in vitamin A, C and E, low in carbs and with plenty of fruits.

A method that should also be highlighted is hot scissors haircut. It seals the hair ends, which prevents them from splitting.

And if all else fails, please see a medical professional. They will help you determine the exact cause of the problem and suggest treatment options.


To solve your split ends problems or to help you avoid them altogether, you should regularly and properly care for your hair.

  • Wash the hair as needed and use the shampoos which are suitable for you
  • Use the conditioners every time you wash your hair
  • Brush your hair gently using a wooden or a hard rubber comb and a brush that will clean the dirt and distribute the sebum
  • Try not to overuse hair dryers and other appliances

Same goes for coloring and anything that involves the use of chemicals: try not to use these methods more than once or twice a month and always consult a specialist before undergoing any hair treatment.