How To Get Rid Of Dandruff

If you suffer from dandruff, getting rid of it can be challenging but not impossible. First, you have to pinpoint the reasons for it, and then take the correct approach to fight it.

how to get rid of dandruffThere is obviously no need to convince anyone that dandruff can be an absolute nuisance for a lot of people. Those white flakes are capable of driving a lot of women crazy. And we all want to look great and enjoy life so let’s say big NO to dandruff!

The causes of dandruff

These white fatty scales, which are referred to as dandruff, are nothing more than skin cells from your scalp. So why don’t they stay where they belong in the first place? The cause of dandruff is the skin disease called Seborrhea. Seborrhea leads to the increased sebum production, making the hair greasy and accelerating the growth and renewal of the scalp cells (epidermis). As a result, the cells are not able to complete the full life cycle and harden. So they fall off, heading straight on to our dark clothes. Seborrheic Dermatitis can be caused by malnutrition, hormonal disorder and metabolic disorders. All this can lead to the scalp disorders that cause dandruff. Seborrhea can come in outbreaks, when the dandruff would appear as a result of the general immune system malfunctioning, for example due to an illness.

  • If you consume a lot of sugary, fatty and deep fried foods, you are headed towards seborrhea. It can also be caused by vitamin A and C deficiencies – this should already give you some hints about how to eat right for your hair and scalp to be healthy.
  • Metabolic disorders may be the result of a similar unhealthy diet
  • Another reason can be intestinal infections
  • One more important reason that has to be mentioned is the improper hygiene. Bad hygiene practices and can lead to dirty and unhealthy skin – although this point is rather obvious, it is still worth paying attention to.

How to fight dandruff

And now for the important part – how do we get rid of dandruff? First of all if you cannot get rid of dandruff and all the points listed above do not apply to you – consult a doctor. Second of all, you should definitely take a comprehensive approach – this means that in addition to treating the hair with the proper cosmetic products it also wouldn’t hurt to stick to the proper diet.

Now, a little bit about anti-dandruff shampoos. An important criterion for the shampoo selection should be its composition; also, the purpose of the shampoo should not be getting rid of dandruff, but rather treating the cause of it. This means that it should primarily consist of anti-fungal components, in particular:

  • Natural tar
  • Resin
  • Sulfur
  • Sodium Thiosulfate
  • Octopirox for sebum control

The shampoos consisting of the above mentioned substances are called therapeutic, and they should be the ones used to fight dandruff.