How Often To Wash Your Hair – Myths And Reality

One of the most common questions when it comes to hair maintenance is “How often do I wash my hair?” Truth is, there are many misconceptions about the whole thing - so let us look at it more closely.

how often to wash hairMany of us actually care about how we look, and we also realize that there are a number of components involved into what comprises our appearance. And the condition of our hair as well as how well it is maintained and styled is pretty high up on the list. Probably everyone would agree that the hair does not only need to be healthy but also clean – these two aspects are closely related. How often should you wash your hair to make its spectacular appearance match your inner strength and well-being?

Say “No!” to stereotypes

First of all, you have to take for granted the fact that it is absolutely unreal to come up with some sort of average frequency for washing your hair. It is totally individual. The rate, at which the hair gets dirty, which in turn depends on many factors, will have the major influence on how often we have to wash it. You have to consider the type of hair, the diet (high calorie and rich in carbohydrates food promotes rapid greasiness and oiliness), your work conditions and even the time of year.

Many owners of greasy and/or overly dry hair are well too familiar with the vicious circle phenomenon. It would seem that the greasy and unattractive looking hair is best washed more often, and the problem would go away. But it does not. The more often you wash the hair that is prone to greasiness, the more active the sebaceous glands on the scalp become. In the case with the dry hair, it is also the apposite – frequent washing can dry it even further, making it brittle, dull and unhealthy looking. And you want to look perfect with a neat and attractive head of hair every day.

Do what feels right

The correct approach would be to figure out for yourself what defines hair cleanliness and, based on that, determine the how often you should was the hair, be it daily or weekly. You can take a break on the weekends and not get hung up on the aesthetics of your hairstyle. You can even wash the hair twice a day if, for example, you have an important event to attend in the evening, and the morning styling had required the use of a large number of hair products.

Naturally, there are recommendations about the relative frequency of washing your hair. So, a normal healthy hair type (that is so rare today), should be washed once every four or five days. Greasy hair should be washed every two to three days and the hair that is prone to dryness – no more than once a week. However, it would be silly to just blindly follow the “rules” without considering personal needs and life situations.

The truth is in the water

It is no secret that the result of washing the hair (and therefore the frequency) depends on the quality of the water used. Quite often the regular tap water we use for it is absolutely unsuitable. Due to the hardness of the water the hair becomes dry and brittle and irritates the scalp. Soft distilled or boiled water is much more suitable for washing the hair – it makes the hair stay clean longer and maintain an attractive look.

The choice of the product you use to wash your hair with will significantly influence the washing frequency. The correct shampoo will give the hair the well-groomed appearance, will not damage its structure and will prolong the feeling of freshness. Therefore you should carefully examine the information that is contained on the product labels. The competent approach to such procedure like washing the hair will make it enjoyable and easy.