How To Improve Natural Hair Growth

hair growth

Beautiful and healthy hair is not just a luxury item for any woman, but also a clear sign of a balanced functioning of the body as a whole. Of course, each of us is so unique and exceptional, which makes it difficult to compare the rate of growth with anyone else. There are different factors that can influence natural hair growth. Someone’s hair can grow two inches in a month, and at the same time others can only boast very modest results of about an inch.

The rate of natural hair growth plays a huge role in every woman’s life. After all, how fast the hair grows determines a woman’s appearance as well as the adaptability of her hair to other harmful factors. For example, hair coloring very painfully affects hair ends. They split and become dull and lifeless. If the hair ends look messy and unappealing, the entire appearance can be spoiled, because split ends, as a rule, tend to divide the hair into individual strands that look very unaesthetic.

You can use a variety of means to facilitate rapid hair growth. One of the options is to utilize professional cosmetics which can be found in exclusive stores. These are the products that are generally used in hair salons. But you can also achieve decent results for rapid and stable hair growth at home, with the help of, quite surprisingly, common food items.

First, extremely effective proved to be raw eggs. They are applied to the entire length of the hair and scalp with smooth rubbing movements. This mask not only stimulates the growth but improves blood flow to the scalp. It is very important to rinse off this mask with cool water to prevent coagulation of egg whites in the hair.

You can also use a mask with grated onions, which also provides an intense blood flow to the scalp. It is very effective; however, there is a slight drawback in onion masks. It leaves an unpleasant smell of onions, but it can be subsequently removed with the help of a milk conditioner. This type of conditioner can be prepared using a conventional cow’s milk mixed with a chamomile decoction. This is a great way to give shine and elasticity to hair structure.

These are just some of the helpful suggestions used to improve natural hair growth. Just remember that if your entire body functions well, the hair will surely respond with healthy growth and appearance. So be mindful of your diet, lifestyle and other external influences and make best decisions in determining what’s best for you and your hair.