Facts And Myths About Growing Your Hair Faster

fast hair growthIt is hard to someone who does not fantasize about having a long and luxurious head of hair. In fact, it seems to a common concern for many women. But what is the trick to actually growing your hair faster, when it seems like it is something that is impossible to accomplish? Let’s look at some helpful tips that can help you to get closer to having the head of hair of your dreams.

How to make your hair grow faster? Important facts

The average speed of hair growth is about 0.5 inches a month. That makes it approximately 6 inches per year. The aging process slows down the growth rate by about 0.1 inches a month.

We should also point out a few things about hair growth. The cycle of hair growth is determined by the cell breakdown. New hair originates from the roots. The process can be described as this: when the new cells are created in the follicle, they push the hair out of the follicle – that is how hair growth takes place.

The cycle of hair growth consists of three stages: anagen, catagen and telogen.

Anagen is the initial phase and it is the longest, when new hair begins to grow in the hair follicle.

Catagen is the second phase and the shortest one, lasting about 2-3 weeks and completing the growth cycle.

Telogen is the third and final phase. It is the longest phase in the life of the hair. When the new hair is created, the old hair falls out.

An average human being has about 100,000 hairs on their head. The life span of a single strand of hair in normal circumstances is about 1-6 years. A person loses about 100 hairs on a daily bases. New hair replaces the hair that falls out.

The hair grows with approximately the same speed on the entire head. Some people have thin hair and others – long and thick. No one knows why it happens.

Common myths about hair growth

Myth: if you want your hair to grow faster and better and be healthier, you have to trim it once a month.

Truth: trimming in no way promotes hair growth. It only removes the tip section and makes it look well kept generally.

Myth: the hair continues to grow after death.

Truth: after a person dies, all the bodily liquids evaporate. The human body dries up and becomes smaller, and because of this it may seem that the hair continues to grow.

Tips on how to grow your hair faster

There are numerous things you can do to help accelerate hair growth.

  1. In order to grow better, the hair has to receive all the necessary nutrients. Supplementing certain vitamins can help with this. The most effective vitamin for hair growth and health is biotin – a water-soluble vitamin B.
  2. A regular biotin intake has a strengthening effect and allows the hair to re-grow faster.
  3. Another important rule for healthy hair is regular moisturizing. This can be achieved by basic daily washing (use the shampoo only when necessary, but not daily). The hair benefits greatly from moisturizing, just like your skin and nails. Moisturizing also helps strengthen damaged and dry hair.
  4. Another trick that will help you improve hair growth is to try some simple recipes based on lemon juice. Lemon juice is also great for the overall health of your hair.
  5. To keep your hair healthy and to maintain its attractive appearance, avoid combing it too often, like several times a day. If that is something you cannot help, then make sure to use a comb with soft bristles. Frequent brushing stimulate the sebaceous glands, making your hair look greasy and unkempt.
  6. Also, pay attention to your diet. Try to plan your meals while giving the preference to the healthy food and you will notice that it will always have a positive effect on your hair.
  7. And finally, you may not know it, but your hair tells a lot about you. Its appearance can indicate the state of the overall health of the human being. Even bad habits can affect the condition of your hair.

So the most important and effective piece of advice on how to grow your hair faster would be to adhere to a healthy way of life. If you want to experience steady and consistent hair growth be sure to give it due attention and care – you will surely be rewarded!