Benefits Of Olive Oil For Hair Growth

olive oil for hairIt is not quite surprising that Homer used to refer to olive oil as “liquid gold” – this very unique and rich in composition product has been used by the mankind not only as a food item but also for beauty and medicinal purposes. Naturally, we have to cover exactly how beneficial the olive oil is for hair growth and health. Experts have proven that regular use of the olive oil helps to restore the hair bulbs. It has a high nutritional value and therefore positively affects the scalp. Some of the positive effects that can be experienced are the stimulation in cell growth, fewer split ends and hair breakage and healthy and beautiful appearance. If you use olive oil for hair treatment regularly, then it will preserve the shine and softness for a long time, and you will forget about such issues as dandruff and hair loss. Olive oil also has a moisturizing effect on the scalp, therefore promoting hair growth.

How to use olive oil for hair care

Olive oil is very easy to use: just warm a small amount in a water bath and it is ready to go. Distribute the oil equally throughout the length of the hair, then wrap the head with a towel and leave for 20-30 minutes. This will give it enough time to be fully absorbed in the hair and scalp, so they can fully take advantage of its healing properties.

How to choose olive oil for hair

We should give a separate mention to selecting the right kind of olive oil for hair. You may already know that oil is divided into 5 categories: pomace (used to make soap), extra light (highly processed), straight olive oil (a mixture of refined and virgin), virgin (contains less than 2% acid), and extra virgin (the best quality). The better the quality of the oil, the more beneficial it is for your hair. So it is well worth the investment for the sake of your health and beauty, moreover, olive oil has a great variety of uses, ranging from salad dressings to removing your eye makeup. When using olive oil for hair, it is important not to overdo it, and only use the minimum amount to avoid leaving a greasy film on the hair which can lead to excessive oiliness and as a result – dandruff. So everything is good in moderation.

Olive oil is the natural source of beauty and shine for your hair that everyone can afford.