9 Tips To Accelerate Hair Growth

hair growthProperly groomed long hair is a proud possession of every woman, not only does it attract male attention, but it also has another great feature – it is always in fashion. But what happens if your hair is not growing as fast as you would like it to do? In order to grow your hair faster, the required elements are: right and proper care, hydrating masks and scalp massage. Listed below are some of the helpful suggestions you can start implementing right away.

  1. While washing the hair it is very important to apply the shampoo correctly. The main thing that you need to be aware of here, is that you cannot apply the shampoo directly into your hair – instead, premix it with a little water, or pour some shampoo into your wet palm and apply it evenly on your damp hair. If you apple the shampoo straight to the hair, it may cause the skin n the scalp starting to peel causing itching and irritation, and this in turn leads to the hair becoming generally weaker.
  2. Don’t keep the shampoo in your hair for a long time – the chemicals in it will dry out the scalp.
  3. Use moisturizing masks and conditioners after washing the hair with a shampoo; they restore the structure of the hair which can often get affected by perming, coloring etc. But give it a break at least once a month and wash the hair with shampoo only.
  4. Avoid combing wet hair – it is very fragile and easily injured. After washing your hair, gently squeeze it and wrap it in a bath towel. When the moisture is absorbed, you can remove the towel and let the hair dry naturally. Limit the use of a hair dryer only to situations when you do not have any time, and if you have to use it, switch it to the lowest drying mode, aiming the hot air stream from top down.
  5. If you use a comb, make sure it is made of wood, preferably oak – not only it is ideal for daily brushings, but it also has the ability to relieve headaches.
  6. During the course or at the end of the day the hair must be combed – make sure that it receives no less than 100 brushes a day. This is important because it removes the dust and dirt and evenly distributes the necessary oils over the entire length of the hair. Comb the hair in different direction – it stimulates hair growth.
  7. Once every three months, trim the hair ends by a few millimeters. It is believed that if you cut or trim your hair during the ascending moon phase, it will grow faster.
  8. If you want your hair to be healthy and strong, use only natural dyes (such as henna) for coloring.
  9. A very useful technique for healthy hair strength and growth is head and scalp massage, it helps with the nutrient absorption and even reduces headaches and fatigue. It is particularly important in the cold climates when the head is often covered which leads to nutrient deficiency. A gentle head massage should be performed once or twice a week for about 10-15 minutes right before washing the head.