Hair Growth

hair growthThe fact of the matter is that the hair growth depends first of all on genetic predisposition; however there are other numerous factors. After all, healthy and shiny hair reflects the state of your health in general. If it starts to fall out, becomes brittle and loses color, then it indicates that something is wrong with the whole body.

Healthy hair grows at the rate of 8-10mm a month. If that is not the case then there are reasons that slow down the process. This could be the problems with the endocrine system, gastrointestinal diseases, poor diets, and, of course, there integral elements of our everyday life, such as stress and anxiety. Therefore, if the hair becomes lifeless, dull and grows poorly, be sure to consult a specialist and address the internal issues first.

Moreover the cause of poor hair growth can be the lack of essential trace elements and vitamins. If there is a problem with the digestive system, it is quite possible that not all the nutrients, required by the hair and the body are absorbed, even with a proper diet. Iodine deficiency indicates endocrine disorders and, vice versa, strict diets, inadequate and poor nutrition are more likely to be the reason for the shortage of magnesium, calcium, zinc and so on. That is, all physiological processes in the body are interrelated.

If you suspect that poor nutrition is the cause of the poor hair growth, then it is easy to fix. Here’s more on the proper diet for hair growth.

Steady supply of necessary vitamins is essential for maintaining a steady hair growth.

Why the masks from essential oils, such as olive oil, are often recommended to make your hair grow faster? Because they contain large amounts of vitamin E, which improves blood circulation, prevents the oxidation of fatty acids and helps with the absorption of vitamins A and D.

The above methods mentioned offer the effective natural way of hair growth.