How To Keep Hair Clean Longer

how to keep hair cleanWhat do you have to do to make your hair stay clean longer and avoid spending hours in vain to keep it neat and beautiful?

The following may seem well too familiar: you wash the hair, style it, and come the next morning, it already lost the neat appearance and has that dreadful greasy shine. What exactly do you do to fix it since it causes so much trouble? First of all, you have to understand why the hair gets dirty in the first place and address it. The following are the most common reasons why hair gets dirty:

  • Improper washing. Do not use hot water for washing and rinse with slightly cool water.
  • Using a hairdryer. The hairdryer is both a friend and an enemy, it helps us dry and style the hair easily, however it also dries out the scalp which encourages the secretion of sebum which, in turn, makes the hair get dirty quicker. That is the reason why a hairdryer should be used sparingly.
  • Head garments. Unfortunately, if you live in a cold climate, you cannot go without a hat at least every once in a while. However, head garments tend to push the hair strands closer to the scalp, making them rub against each other and get dirty faster.
  • Frequent brushing. It may seem like a surprising reason, but when we brush the hair, the sebum, which is secreted from the scalp, is distributed throughout the hair causing it to lose the neat appearance. Also, try not to touch the hair with the hands too often.
  • Wrong choice of hair care products. These include shampoos, conditioners and styling products. If your hair is prone to greasiness, then avoid the nourishing products as they will make it even greasier. Instead, use the products, specifically formulated for greasy hair. Incorrect use of hair masks will also make the hair get dirty quicker. If you have dry and split hair ends, then the mask should be applied only to the hair and avoiding the roots and scalp. Styling products are also an important factor in keeping the hair clean. When left on hair, they tend to attract a lot of dust and dirt, compromising the clean look.
  • Type of hair. This is a pretty simple reason. For example, if you have thin hair that is devoid of any volume, it will naturally stick closer to the scalp and attract a lot of sebum. This causes the roots to lose their neat and healthy appearance. To address this, you need to give the hair volume by raising it from the roots.
  • Poor nutrition. Unbalanced diet is often the reason for an oily scalp, which is why it is important to eat the right foods.

A final piece of advice about keeping your hair clean longer: do not forget about home remedies that reduce the greasiness of the hair. Use the masks for oily and greasy hair, followed by the apple cider vinegar hair rinse and you will notice that the hair stays cleaner much longer.