Everyday Care For Long Hair

long hairBeautiful and healthy long hair is the result of daily care. With just a few simple steps your hair can look great day in and day out.

The most important element for the correct daily care of long hair is minimizing the effects of such harmful factors as hair driers, flat irons, harsh combing, coloring, perming etc. If you want to have long and healthy hair, it is best to avoid or at least to minimize all these factors significantly and treat the hair with care.

  • Combing long hair. Combing is particularly important for the long hair as it tends to tangle more easily and is therefore more difficult to comb. Long hair has to be combed from the bottom by carefully separating the strands and untangling the knots. The general recommendation for combing is not to comb wet hair, even if it’s only slightly moist. If you are afraid not to untangle the hair, then comb it after applying a conditioner or a mask.
  • Use the right comb – for longer hair it is better to use a comb made from natural materials or wooden combs. Never use a metal comb.
  • Long hair in everyday life – if your hair is thin and easily tangled, do not let it down outside, but gather it in a ponytail or braid. In winter and fall, avoid the friction of the hair with clothing collars, as this makes them fragile and brittle.
  • Climatic condition. We live in different parts of the worlds and experience different weather conditions. But there are basic rules for hair care that apply for both hot and cold weather. In winter, cover the hair to prevent the exposure to lower temperatures, especially after washing. In hot weather avoid the direct exposure to the sun and wind.
  • Washing and drying long hair. Wash the long hair gently, while avoiding tangling; spread the shampoo evenly and slightly massage the scalp and the hair with your fingers. Then rinse off the shampoo and apply the conditioner. Important: do not wash the hair with hot water. Do not rub the hair with the towel when drying. If you do not use styling products, then use the following recommendation: comb the hair thoroughly before washing and apply the shampoo only to the hair roots – this will allow for less drying time for hair ends. If you use styling products then apply the shampoo through he entire length of the hair. Dry the hair naturally. If you have to use a hair dryer, set the heat to the lowest setting.
  • Trim the hair ends. The ends of long hair are particularly vulnerable; they get brittle faster and are prone to breaking. It is advisable to trim your hair ends at least once in 2-3 months by a quarter inch.

These tips pretty much sum up long hair care and maintenance. They are easy to follow and bring great results without using any other special treatments.