Basic Essentials to Help Your Hair Grow Faster

It is no surprise that many women wonder how to make their hair grow faster - find out the best secrets and methods to get the hair of your dreams!

Many of us consider a luxurious head of long and silky hair to be a symbol of femininity, romance and tenderness. But if the nature wasn’t very fair to you in this respect and the hair extensions are out of your budget, there are a few tricks that you can try to make you hair grow faster. The main thing is to come to understand that miracles only happen in fairy tales so the process of hair growth acceleration will largely depend upon the individual type of hair and scalp and the current state of your overall health. Not even the most sophisticated and expensive cosmetics are able to help the body that is unhealthy and vitamin deficient.

Equally important for the growth of the hair is the emotional aspect. Any worries and stress are immediately reflected during brushing and combing – instead of the usual 100 strands a day, you will be losing handfuls of damaged hair, and any efforts to accelerate their growth will be in vain. The absence of stress, along with wholesome, vitamins and minerals enriched diet and improved blood circulation to the scalp according to the consensus of medical trichologists are the basis for fast hair growth, and its rate will be different for each individual. On average, hair grows 10-13 mm per month, although in the healthy body this number can be improved by 3-5 mm.

To start hair growth acceleration, you need to review your daily steps of hair care. Excessively hot water, used for hair washing, damages hair follicles, resulting in hair loss and excessive oil secretions on the scalp. And to ensure rapid hair growth, you need to have a healthy scalp, where there is no place for dandruff or flaking. To improve the blood flow to the scalp, you have to slowly brush your hair every day with a soft massage brush with rubber teeth.If you need to wash your hair daily, use a soft and mild shampoo that will correspond to the frequency.

Styling products will also need to be used moderately as they often tend to cause the irritation of the scalp. When using a hair dryer, be very careful, trying not to affect the hair roots.Next, you have to reconsider you diet, as the lack minerals such as iodine, zinc, chromium, manganese and magnesium is one of the causes of poor hair growth. Therefore, if you are serious about hair growth, forget for a while about all other diets and eat whole grains, milk, cheese, nuts, fruits and green vegetables which replenish the minerals your body needs.Mechanical assistance provided for faster hair growth should not be limited to just brushing.

To improve the processes of micro-circulation and blood flow to the hair follicles, it is useful to perform regular head massages, for instance during hair washing. And of course the best results will be achieved with specialized treatment methods, designed to accelerate hair growth. They include mesotherapeutic injections, ozone therapy, physiotherapy and medical massage.Additional cosmetic products, containing menthol, arnica or pepper extracts will not only strengthen the hair, but will also stimulate its growth. Just use them with caution, because they have burning effect, corresponding to their ingredients.

Some of the natural folk remedies have also established themselves as effective methods of caring for sensitive scalp.

For example, masks from burdock and castor oil, and decoctions of burdock, onion peel, oak and nettle to accelerate hair growth and strength have long been known for their effective properties.

While visiting a hair salon, give preference to haircuts performed with hot scissors as they seal the hair ends. This will allow the hair to preserve the moisture, healthy appearance and required vitamins – the factors which will increase the intensity of hair growth.